From Corban's Mom

Dear Jack,

How blessed our family is because of you! Hearing aids have completely changed Corban’s life! As a mom, I am so thankful that his hearing aids enable Corban to hear normally so that his speech and development can progress just like any other child with 20/20 hearing! Corban is able to hear his own name with the “C” sound at the beginning. Without hearing aids, he would think his name is “Orban” and although it’s funny to think about him going through life like that, just imagine all the words he would hear incorrectly without the technology of his hearing aids. I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am that he is saying “Mama” and “Dada” now! And he is finally keeping his hearing aids in for most of the day! He’s a little stinker, though, and goes to pull them out just to spite his mama sometimes and gives me a sneaky grin while he does it! Speaking of mischief, Corban can really keep up with his 3 sisters and his hearing aids really help him connect with our family. He LOVES music, jumping up and down, laughing at his sisters, feeding his doggies food over the high chair, and Peppa Pig. 

Most of all, we are overjoyed that Corban has you to look up to in life! I am so proud that you dreamed up 20/20 and started this ministry. There is a huge need out there, near and far! What is so neat is to see how God uses hearing loss to bring people together. Corban is so lucky to have you as his big brother and can view his hearing loss as a blessing just like you! We are partners for life with you and your family to give 20/20 hearing to those who need it most! Thank you so much for giving our precious son 20/20 hearing! 



P.S. Ryan is still working on a song!