Senate votes 47-6 to approve "Jack's Bill", House is next!

Great News!

SB206 also known as “Jack’s Bill”, was approved by the Georgia Senate on Friday night by a vote of 47-6! Senator PK Martin did an incredible job testifying on the benefits of requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for children’s hearing aids (most insurance plans do not cover hearing aids, and this bill would require them to do so in Georgia).

Now, the bill will move to the Georgia House of Representatives. Representative Brad Raffensperger is sponsoring this bill in the House (known as HB228), and we are so thankful for his sponsorship.

We need your help with two things:

1. Please pray that God would move the men and women in the Georgia House of Representatives to support hearing-impaired children in Georgia by voting for HB228.

2. If you live in Georgia, e-mail your Representative and tell them that you support HB228 because hearing aids for children should be covered by insurance. Please also share that the data presented by Senator PK Martin in support of SB206 showed that hearing-impaired children that do not get the hearing care that they need cost the state >$420,000 in support and accommodations, while the coverage provided by this bill would eliminate that cost to the state and only cost each insured person in Georgia about 25¢ per year.

We are getting so close. Thank you so much for your support!