These kids are thankful for their hearing!

We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends! I am sure everyone has gotten a chance to think about what they are thankful for recently, and so have we. 20/20 Hearing is thankful for the support of the Jim Ellis Employee Charity. This great organization provided the support that reconnected these four amazing kids and their families. CJ, Lia, Kenneth, and Coleman are so thankful that they can now hear their own names, laughter, the words "I love you", and all of the sweet sounds that we take for granted.


In this season of thankfulness, and the season of giving just around the corner, please keep these wonderful kids, and kids just like them all over the world, in your thoughts. Thank you to everyone for continuing to support the mission of 20/20 Hearing. We are incredibly grateful for each and every one of you.