Jack Pitches 'Shark Tank Style'

As we enter into the season of thankfulness and generosity, we want to share our gratitude with all of you who continue to encourage and uplift us, year after year. We could not continue to give the gift of hearing while spreading the Word of God, without your abundant support.

This September, 20/20 Hearing was invited to participate in a pitch competition that included both for-profit and non-profit companies. For six minutes, each presenter had the opportunity to explain to a panel of judges why their business or non-profit deserved investment. It was such a privilege to have Jack present the compelling story of 20/20 Hearing; sharing his inspiration for starting the organization, how hearing loss is treated in Georgia, and his vision for the future.

To see Jack pitch to the judges and the audience “Shark Tank” style, watch this video!

We are so honored to have you all on this incredible journey with us! We are continually inspired by your support. If you have not completed your year-end giving, we humbly ask that you would consider 20/20 Hearing, where 100% of your donations go directly to giving the gift of hearing, while sharing the gospel to so many around the world.