Meet Tristan and Wyatt. This is who we fight for!

Hello Friends!

We have been so excited to introduce you to two vibrant little guys who we have had the honor of meeting this year; Tristan and Wyatt!

Tristan has been diagnosed with Barakat Syndrome, Psoriatic Juvenile Arthritis, and Profound Deafness. This five year old superhero has been wearing hearing aids since he was 6 months old! He is profoundly deaf in his right ear and has moderate to severe loss in his left ear. He is not a cochlear implant candidate, so having the best hearing aids available is crucial for Tristan’s future in hearing!


When Wyatt was just one month old, he was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss.

At four months old, 20/20 was able to help in getting Wyatt the hearing aids that allow him to hear new sounds for the first time. What a joy for his family!


Because of your open hands and open hearts, 20/20 Hearing has the opportunity to serve and support so many precious children like Tristan and Wyatt; not only financially, but emotionally as well. This is who we fight for! We are so blessed to walk through many hearing journeys and share an excitement for the future with parents over their children with hearing loss.

Please consider donating today and joining us in changing the lives of children with hearing loss. We are so grateful for all of your prayers, encouragement and support, always.