Butterfly Effect

"You have been created with the ability to change the world. Every single choice you make... every single action you take... matters. But remember, the converse is also true. Every choice you do not make... every action you do not take... matters just as much!"

- Andy Andrews

I am so blessed to know and to have been inspired by Bill Austin, of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, for over six years! His butterfly effect on my life is what encouraged me to start 20/20 Hearing and use my hearing loss to serve others; here in Georgia, across the United States and around the world.

This July, we were so proud to attend the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s annual fundraiser, “Summer Sounds Event”. This is such an incredible event in many ways - raising money towards changing lives, while also giving the extraordinary gift of hearing to so many. It was an honor to be a part of this wonderful night!

Below is a video of my hearing journey that was shown at the Summer Sounds Event. I encourage you to watch and see the impact Bill Austin and the Starkey Hearing Foundation has had on my life and, in turn, on 20/20 Hearing.

Year after year, this event reminds me of the reason 20/20 Hearing was started, and I am continually inspired by the children and families that we have the opportunity to meet, and give the gift of hearing to. Below are some of the faces we have gotten to know and support this summer. What a gift!


Alone we can’t do much, together we can change the world!

Thank you for being together with us on this mission. Thank you for loving us, encouraging us, praying for us and supporting our calling through your generous donations. Together we are changing one life at a time, and creating a butterfly effect of our own. We look forward to seeing what great things are to come!

- Jack