Amazing Update

Dear Friends,

Wow! We are so excited to share this update with you! When we launched the 20/20 Recycled Hearing Aid Program this May, we had no idea the response would be so generous.

This summer we were able to donate 165 hearing aids to Starkey Hearing Foundation to be recycled and repurposed! In addition to that incredible number, in the month of August alone, we received another 100+ to send in towards giving the gift of hearing to so many!

Jack giving 165 hearing aids to Starkey Hearing Foundation

Jack giving 165 hearing aids to Starkey Hearing Foundation

We know that each thoughtful donation comes not from just a person, but that person’s story as well. Each hearing aid donation comes to us with love, purpose and hope for the new owner; whether it be from, and for, an adult or a child- these hearing aids are truly a connector of life!

Thank you for your support in sharing the message of the 20/20 Hearing Recycled Hearing Aid Program. We are immensely grateful to the UPS Foundation for sponsoring this program, and supporting the Starkey Hearing Foundation!

Your donations of used hearing aids along with your selfless financial support are making a big difference in an area where the need is so great. By helping to fund a hearing aid purchase, you are making a priceless difference in someone’s life.

We cannot thank you enough for your steady support. For praying with and for us, and coming alongside us to change lives by giving the gift of hearing around the world!

God bless,