It is Really Simple to Become a 20/20 Kid.

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Are you a student inspired by 20/20 Hearing and want to know how to get involved? A dress down day (or hat day, sports team apparel day or spirit wear day) is a great way to support 20/20 Hearing.


  1. Work with your school's administrator to get a day on the school calendar for a 20/20 Hearing Dress Down Day. If there is competition for dress down days at your school, tell them that 20/20 Hearing was started by a student, and that your school’s students will not only be supporting a good cause, but they will be inspired to serve by Jack's example.

  2. One week before the date, ask the school administrator to mail out an announcement to students and parents, telling them about the 20/20 Hearing dress down day. A sample e-mail is below.

  3. Students that dress down bring in a donation ($5 or $10 per student), give it to their homeroom teacher, and the teachers give the donations to the administrator that approved the 20/20 Hearing dress down day.

  4. You collect the donations, and mail a check/checks to 20/20 Hearing.

Example Note:


"Next [Insert Day of Week], [Insert Date], we will have a [dress down day/spirit wear day/ sports team apparel day] in support of 20/20 Hearing, a foundation that gives the gift of hearing and restores the right to communicate. 20/20 Hearing was started by a hearing-impaired boy, Jack McConnell, when he was just 12-years-old, and his foundation now serves hearing-impaired children all over the world! We encourage you to read Jack's story with your child to inspire them to use their gifts to serve (read it here:

If your student would like to participate, please have him or her bring [$5/$10] in cash or check made out to 20/20 Hearing to school on [Insert Day of Week], [Insert Date], and it will be collected by the [first period teacher/homeroom teacher]. 20/20 Hearing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and your donation is fully tax deductible."


We fund audiology care
for those who need it most.

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"Whoever has ears, let them hear."

Jesus said that.